Travelathon Inception

Some back story:
I was born and bred in Delhi, the capital city of India. I did all my studies from there & never had to stay away from home. (A story for later :p)

Bath: a beautiful city famous for Roman built baths, it is believed that their hot springs have miraculous water

Stonehenge: the mysterious monument with different philosophies. It’s perhaps the world’s most famous prehistoric monument.


Dorset: hands down the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen! White cliffs, Green meadows & Blue water, my heart is full ❤

Durdle Door

Cambridge: known for its legendary university & river punting

University of Cambridge

Windsor: famous for its royal castle, the state apartments in the castle are just GOR..GE..OUS!

Windsor Castle

Dover: fancy chalk cliffs from where you can see France on a clear day

White cliffs of Dover

Ouse Valley: a two mile trek from Balcombe to witness a nice photogenic viaduct

Ouse Valley Viaduct

I’m glad you’re here. Thank you for reading!



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