It is a follow up post on my Google’s Interview Experience. This is essentially a behind-the-scenes post. 😀

Now that you’ve read my experience, let’s talk about the preparation now. Here’s my 2 cents and I hope you all can take something useful out of this article. Stay tuned to find out the most frequently asked topics along with some sample problems.

The Dreaded Outset

“Where and how to start the interview preparation”, is a question often asked. Below is a list of topics you can follow to kick start your prep -

  • Algorithm Analysis — asymptotic notations
  • Searching and Sorting algorithms
  • Algorithm…

I dreamt of working at Google like every other Computer Science student and I soon recognized it won’t be all plain sailing. Today, I will unravel all the twists and turns in my journey.

Chapter 1: 2019

It all began during IITD’s placement season where Google conducted an online test but withdrew its application later and didn’t visit the campus at all. I was upset because I was eagerly waiting for it and Google could have been the perfect start for my career.

Chapter 2: 2020

Fortunately, a few months later, I was approached by a recruiter asking if I would be interested in an opportunity…

Garima Rajput

Software Engineer at Google. Unlearner. I tell stories.

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